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Archery Bow: Withstanding Time

by Archery Day
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Archery is a type of practice that consists of a bow and arrow. Archery has lots of forms. It can be considered as an art, a type of sport or even a type of skill. Some describe archery as a type of shooting sport that uses bow and arrow. Some describe it a type of hunting skill that uses the same equipment to hunt animals. Whatever form it may take, the bow and arrow is what makes up archery. Ever since the early times of Man, the archery bow is one of the most valuable tool that Man has invented. It is used by Man for hunting food. These days it is used for sports or for recreational purposes such as bow hunting.

The early forms of archery bows are made up of small branches or saplings from trees while the strings are from animal hides. If we review the history of Man carefully, we can see that archery bows were used in all of the wars, battles and conflict all throughout the history of Man. It was during the “Middle Ages” that Man fully used it as a weapon of war.

Today, archery bows are used for recreational purposes and on sporting events. The simple bow and arrow of the early times has developed into a very sophisticated and accurate hunting or sporting equipment. And because of the innovations of today’s technology, some archery bows can even match the accuracy of some firearms.

Archery bows are great tools for hunting. Most the hunting aficionados prefer using the old fashioned way of hunting a game by using archery bows because they do not make loud noises unlike those of hunting rifles; thereby making them more stealthier. In addition to that, hunting using archery bows adds excitement and challenge to the hunters. Most people do not know it but archery bows are also used for hunting fishes. Although there are some States prohibit fishing using archery bows for safety reasons.

The archery bow has come a long way; from the early times of Man, up until today. The innovations of today’s technology have made the archery bow a lot more accurate. Not only that, it has made it a lot more efficient, durable and highly dependable. Only the fundamentals of using it have never changed. It is one of the many inventions of our forefathers that are still in used nowadays.

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