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How to Choose Archery Bows

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Choosing archery bows is more of a personal choice, yet a most important one. Lots of factors need to be carefully considered, and luckily there are numerous different archery bows on the market to choose from. The right archery bow greatly increases an archer’s comfort in shooting, as well as enhances their accuracy.

A good choice of archery bow will be one that provides the right draw length and draw weight. This simply means that it’ll draw back “far enough”, and with proper tension amount. Countless archery shops will be happy to measure you, to get the ideal draw length that you need. The perfect draw length for archery bows must be one that comfortably draws back and holds for no less than sixty seconds.

Another aspect to think about when choosing archery bows is the “axle-to-axle” length or ATA. This “length” is determined through the distance in between the “points” from where two respective cams of the bow are attached. Archery bows that have longer axel-to-axel length are generally considered as easier and more lenient to draw back, however, keep in mind that if you’re hunting, there might not always be enough space available.

Speed is also one factor considered in choosing bows. Bow manufacturers usually rate their archery bows with the use of the same International Bowhunting Organization Standard. To get accurate IBO Speed rating, these manufacturers test the bows under the exact preset conditions.

Bows having 275 to 290 fps IBO speed are best used for “target archery”, while bows possessing 290 to 315 fps IBO speed are good for mid-performers. For experienced archers, 315 fps IBO speed bows are most often used. While most archery bows won’t meet the IBO speed standard, the standard is good for bow comparisons when choosing.

Whether one chooses a hybrid cam, dual cam, or single cam style archery bow, the choice will depend on one’s shooting style. “Single cams” have the tendency to have smoother draws, while “dual cams” are usually faster. On the other hand, hybrid cams provide a combination of the two, and relatively the latest in the market.

There are lots of other factors to consider in choosing the appropriate archery bow for you; nonetheless, the factors mentioned should be adequate to get you on the right track with your bow “hunt”. A good thing to do is look around, and try out several brands of archery bows to see which one best suits you. The right choice of archery bow will prove beneficial for years to come.

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